79 Dr Pixley Kaseme St Durban Central

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What is fusion food?
It is Western food fusion with the unique blend and flair for the eastern taste.

Jolly Grubber, is a second generation of Fusion Foods, proudly DurbaNite since 1991.
The First Generation, Our parents were the founders of the Fusion Food concept in the late 60's, later became know as infamous "Gobble N Go", Renowned for its Burgers and Shawarma's, up to this date, people still reminisce the taste.
Due to the sale of the business, along with its trade secret and the principal ethics that this recipe would never be used by us again.

The only thing that was thought to us and we will never relinquish was their golden principle...
"If you can not eat it, do not expect to sell it to others…Quality, Quality, Quality, Quantity & Price "
" Quality & Quantity may not come at a cheap price but it does not have to be too expensive…"

In 1991 was the birth of JOLLY GRUBBER, The 2nd GENERATION.
We still maintain and follow our parents simple golden principal and practice it religiously everyday.
We offer a very much larger menu and so many new verities of meals to choose from, fusion with
our very own unique eastern flair of flavors, leaving your taste buds shouting out:
Jolly Grubber, The taste of Home Food away from Home

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